About IndoorGuide

The Indoor Guide application in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Indoor Guide is the interactive audio guide in your smartphone or tablet working in the best museums of Saint-Petersburg:

  • Peterhof State Museum Reserve
  • St Isaac's Cathedral
  • Savior on the Spilled Blood
  • The Yusupov Palace on Moika
  • The Peter and Paul Fortress

Our excursions is the result of common work of talented authors and the museum officials.

The application is available for iOS and Android based devices.

Interactive tours

You could choose several tours from available for each museum which connected to the Indoor Guide.

The excursion is carried out in a single click. All purchased tours are yours forever. You can upload any tour to your device or to store it to the cloud storage.

The application provides you with information about working hours of each connected museum and navigates you to the place of starting the tour.

Indoor navigation

During the excursion the Indoor Guide application navigates you to next exhibit using the interactive map on the screen of your device.

Using the navigation infrastructure the application determine your current position every second and automatically starts story telling when you are close to the next exhibit.

The QR and paper maps with separate devices no more needed.

Bluetooth based navigation infrastructure

This level of convenience and interactivity becomes available through the use of systems consisting of number of Bluetooth sensors.

This system allows your smartphone or other device identify their location inside the Museum quickly and accurately.

Connected: Peterhof State Museum Reserve

More details

Connected: St Isaac’s Cathedral

More details

Connected: Savior on the Spilled Blood

Available excursions:

  • The interior decor and the mosaics at the Church of the Savior on Blood
More details

Connected: The Yusupov Palace on Moika

More details

Connected: The Peter and Paul Fortress

Available excursions:

  • The general tour to the Peter and Paul fortress
More details

Connected: Suvorov Memorial Museum

Available excursions:

  • The general tour to the Suvorov Museum
More details

Download for free for your device

Additional revenue stream without costs

The museums connected to the Indoor Guide have ability to integrate the up to date system of interactive tour service for free. Moreover it brings significant additional revenue to the museums.

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